Jacuzzi Boys’ Happy Damage Music Video Review


Jacuzzi Boys, locally based garage rock band (well I assume they aren’t making music out of their garage anymore), have just released their new video for “Happy Damage” off of their current project, Happy Damage EP. The video, directed by Dustin Aksland, is a montage of the bands recent tour, featuring all the crazy shit you would think bands do while they are on tour. It opens up with the band walking into a gas station, where they are greeted by some random lady, in which I find a great quote:

“So you’re ‘loco’?” to which they reply “We’re from Miami, Florida”

From then on the video is filled with an ambience of colors and chaos with snippets of black and white moments of more chaos. Sprinkled throughout are mosh pits, booze, smoke, people, people in mosh pits, people drinking booze, and people smoking. The video does an excellent job of making you want to be there, if you aren’t already immersed in it. The black and white snippets flesh out the experience with fun, silly and insane activities and people. Nothing stands out more than Diego Monasterios kissing a dude, though my personal favorite was the leaf blower swing set, because that made me immediately wanna try it out in my backyard. The video fits the vibe of the song perfectly, which speaking of, is a pretty awesome song too!

The great thing about the song is that it’s as if it were written after the video was made. Coming from someone who doesn’t usually listen to rock, this is a smashing tune. It makes me feel like I should go buy a doorless jeep and embark on a country wide road trip, exclusively playing “Happy Damage” on loop. Just like the video, the song is fun and energetic. Essentially a classic summer jam, your only goal while listening should be to have a good time. For those who have a keen musical ear, it’s put together equally as awesome. Everything from that random high pitched guitar synth to the semi-cryptic vocals makes sense (or doesn’t, if that’s your thing) and sounds swell. It’s a step into pure rock’n roll, which is always a step well taken.

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