SunGhosts drop “Polterguy” music video

SunGhosts Jump for joy

Watch out for the Polterguy.

Well, the song “Polterguy”.

The latest single from Sunghosts, accompanied by a brand new music video, goes supernatural. Don’t worry, this isn’t some dark evil symphony dedicated to the poltergeist, in fact it’s just the opposite. Keeping with the bands consistent mood, it’s another upbeat “sun-drenched” song following the haunting of someone experiencing the Polterguy. And honestly, that experience sounds pretty good.

The TV turns to static as the guitar comes out oscillating alongside the drum pounding, all leading to the buildup: “BOO.” Then the garage-punk rock infused beat kicks in and you’re in for the jam. Behind the band are a bunch of old TV’s stuck on a static loop, while smoke fills the room, as Nik Balseiro stares at you with wide open eyes. The haunted lyrics blend perfectly into the guitar interplay. Each member is jumping, kicking, hair flipping and bending as they bang their instruments, lots of emphasis on movement, after all it is a rock song right? Guitar and bass play off each other great, creating just the right flow, with drums hitting away right behind them. The energy is definitely kept high.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the song is the Polterguy himself. He’s somewhere, you just don’t know where. The chaotic melody seems to be chasing him, slowing down and creeping up right before the chorus. Cue that iconic ‘GASP’. You’ll find static, high pitched noise, and echoing scattered around giving that broken radio/entering the twilight zone vibe. However, it’s obvious that the theme doesn’t dictate the mood of the song. At the songs core, the intention is to excite and not to spook. Just like a good cheesy horror flick, you’re never really off guard, because Sunghosts doesn’t want you to be. They just want you to rock out to the little mystery they created so wonderfully.

I got a chance to ask SunGhosts a few questions about themselves and the entity that is SunGhosts. Shout out and Thanks to SunGhosts and Christine for doing that!



1: Your newest song, “Polterguy,” is an energetic song mixed with a somewhat darker theme. Is keeping your tunes positive and upbeat the common staple you want people to think of when they hear Sunghosts?

Nik: Yes, that aggressive positivity is a keystone to the SunGhosts sound. Polterguy, as well as some new songs we’re writing, flirt with darker themes while keeping the overall message optimistic. Life isn’t always happy-go-lucky. When things get real, people need to know that there is always a way back to the light. Hope is a powerful, beautiful thing and we like to spread that.


2: How has the reception to “Polterguy” been so far in the last few days?

Jared: Polterguy is the first single we’ve released to have video accompaniment and let me tell ya it won’t be the last. The feedback we’ve received across all of our social media has been so positive throughout the video’s campaign. It really goes to show how much fans love “seeing” us just as much as they love “hearing” us and we hope to put out much more similar content in the future!

3: Coming from Miami, Florida of all places, how would you say that this location has influenced the band’s sound?

Arminio: It’s influenced our sound in many ways. Living in a city by the ocean has definitely inspired us to add the surfy/beachy element you can hear in most of our tunes. You can also hear the Latin influence on some of our unreleased tracks like “Sweet Water Girl”, but you’ll have to wait for the album or come to us live to hear for yourself. (; When we jam live we also like to throw in some Latin spice to get people dancin’.


4: How did you all decide to start up a band together, what was the “click”?

It was immediate and palpable. We had all played in other bands before but as soon as we met and started jamming together, it felt like we were almost “cheating” on our other bands because it felt so right. That’s actually the main feedback we hear from new fans at shows, that they can feel the energy from us — our love and friendship. It just shines through.  

5: Being named the “Best Band in Miami” by the NewTimes, where do you see the Miami music scene going? Not just in the rock essence, but also how the current Electronic and Spanish music domain affects the city.

Jared: I speak on behalf of my ghostly brothers when I tell ya there’s no room for slackers in this band and we all have an excellent work ethic; it’s a pleasure to work with such a kick ass group of guys. It also feels pretty damn good to be acknowledged for all the hard work you put into something you have such a passion for. First and foremost, I’m a fan of rock n’ roll, I have been since I was 10 and I always will be. Miami is a fan of partying it has been since the ‘70s and always will be. The influence of hispanic culture in this city is beautiful; the Calle Ocho Festival has welcomed us with open arms twice and the stage gets packed less than a minute into our set! We really know how to party in this city and it’s not limited to any musical genre.  

Nik: The rock scene in Miami has been bubbling for quite some time now, just waiting for the right ingredients to reach that next stage, an eruption if you will. I think that with all the amazing artists in this city, at this time, something big is coming soon. We’re doing what we can to attract attention to Miami because it is a goldmine for live music potential.


6: Where are you in the process for your next album?

Nik: We are currently finishing up the last of the songwriting & arranging because… *drum roll* Next weekend Louie is laying down aaallll the drums at Cutting Cane studio!! Afterward we’ll work song by song on other instrumentation and vocals, making the LP a varietous palette of tasty tunes 😉

7: What would you like to be seeing Sunghosts do in the near or far future? 

Arminio: Our short term goal at the moment is to finish our first full-length LP and get on as many festivals/big shows as we can, as well as to get our music into films and other media outlets. Nik: Our long-term goal is to still be rockin on stage together when we’re 80!


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                  Photo courtesy of Edzster Photography

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