O.H.M.E (Operation Human Mind Expansion)

Kenichi Ohme (O.H.M.E. {Operation Human Mind Expantion}) was born in Paris, France. He has lived in Miami, FL since the age of 9. around the age of 14 he gain a deep love and appreciation for Electronic Music but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he started working on developing his skill as a musician. Beginning his musical development with Sound Forge 7 and an Alesis QS 6.1 along with some CDs loaded with samples. His thirst for creative knowledge increased at a steady pace. He then moved on to working with a demo version of Fruity Loops in combination with Sound Forge. Until he eventually bought himself Reason 3 which became the main source of his creative outlet. Now a days Kenichi writes most of his music either on his 2 Korg Electribe EMX or a combination of Reason 4 and Renoise. His performances are done on 2 Korg Electribe MXs.

Oh yea! Let us tell you that if you haven’t gotten a chance to check this guy out then we really don’t know what you’ve been doing!  He’s really creative and his beats will def put you in a trance. If you are interested in listening to his music, just tune in late night (est time) and make sure to listen to a show he recorded here at the station! You will really dig it. You can also catch him around town and do your share of supporting local talent.

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