The Gun Hoes

Do it yourself is the independent artists motto and the South Florida band The Gun Hoes really stick to this. “Self recorded, and self produced bedroom rock. No Chedda.” is what Anthony Hernandez (a member of the band) sent us as a description to what the band is all about ( We loved it!!) The Gun hoes are based in Hollywood, Fl and the band is composed by: Anthony Hernandez and Gabe Miranda.  The Gun Hoes’ sound really puts us in a South Florida state of mind and by that we don’t mean tricked out Chevy’s on rims or gold teeth, no, we mean palm trees, a chill out beach, good friends and cold brews (hope that puts you in perspective.) Here are two tracks for you to enjoy (guaranteed a great listen.) Make sure to check their Facebook site here click like and get updates on where they will be playing. Enjoy the tunes and remember support local talent.

Spooks and Apparitions 
Supermarket Babies

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